Friday, October 18, 2013

Canned Cinnamon Pears

A real simple change up I did with a few pints of my canned pears this year was adding a cinnamon stick!

{I Think I Can}:  canned cinnamon pears

All I really did was: go about canning my pears like normal, and add a half a cinnamon stick right before sealing them.  

One suggestion for next time I do them: 
is maybe cut the stick in half again.  
Once I opened a can and tried it, 
I think it was a little too cinnamon-y for me.  
They had a very good flavor though, just pretty strong.

These kinda remind me of Cinnamon Bears, 
but not really-they are Cinnamon Pears :)  
Maybe next time they won't be as 
cinnamon-y like Cinnamon Bears.

These are TASTY enough to be a HEALTHY DESSERT!  
Or just for a nice little side dish for your meal...
Or just eat 'em up for breakfast:  YOUR CHOICE!

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