Friday, October 4, 2013

Pear Sauce

{I Think I Can}:  pear sauce

  We have 7 (SEVEN)  

  pear trees!!!!  

So I was coming up with all kinds of creative 
things to do with our pears!  6 of the trees are done now, 
and the last one is a late one-it'll be the end of October/beginning of November.

One thing I enjoy doing with them is making 
pear sauce!  
I love the flavor-it's a special treat, 
instead of apple sauce all the time!

There's really no recipe, I just cut & peel & core them.  
Place them in stockpots, and cook them down good...
(Don't add any water) 
{I Think I Can}:  pear sauce

Then I put a few at a time into the blender, and blend them all up... 
{I Think I Can}:  pear sauce

dump it all into one big bowl...(isn't that sauce so beautiful & almost WHITE!)  maybe I'm weird-
{I Think I Can}:  pear sauce

and then put them into freezer containers!   
{I Think I Can}:  pear sauce

Lessons learned: 
-Make sure the pears are not too ripe and juicy/or else the sauce will become TOO runny!
-You can also do this in a Squeezo, with some kinds of pears-I tried doing it, and ended up with pear "juice", but later discovered that it may be because I was using too ripe of pears.  So I may try this again when our last tree is ripe & use pears before they are totally ripe.  
  • If you do it that way-theres no need to seed, core & peel them, just remove the leafy thing at the bottom of pear & the stem, then cook them in stockpots & put through the Squeezo.
-Our pears are sweet enough you do not need to add sugar, but if you prefer-you can add sugar to the big bowl before putting into freezer containers!
-Like I said before, don't add water when cooking in the stockpot, just keep them stirred to prevent sticking on, but soon enough they'll start getting juicy on their own!
This was by far about the biggest 
learning experience for me this year! 
(as far as my 'produce preserving' goes anyways)  :)  

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